Yei Governor’s Top Security Guard Killed

Yei River
Yei River

By Radio Tamazuj

A top security officer in charge of protection for the Yei River State Governor David Lokonga was shot dead while another two were taken hostages by armed men over the weekend.

The deceased only identified as Major Abel was shot dead on Saturday evening between Lutaya and the hot spot Sanja-Siri (Yei-Lasu) road.

Another national security officer who was described by many people as a disciplined and humble soldier commonly known as Luwo and an experienced driver were taken hostages to an unknown location.

A witness said, “We were at the police station to see the body of Abel and later it was transferred to the Yei civil hospital mortuary for medical confirmation as mourners could be seen crying at the mortuary.”

Gunmen reportedly took a Land Cruiser together with the hostages. The vehicle had been donated to Yei River County by UNHCR and later forcefully taken by state authorities.

State and the county authorities could not be reached for immediate comment on the matter.

Earlier in the day on Saturday, meanwhile, hundreds of anti-war protesters took to the streets calling on South Sudanese to embrace peace and to repent from violence.

This article was provided courtesy of Radio Tamazuj, a daily news service and current affairs broadcaster covering South Sudan, the southern states of Sudan, and the borderlands between the two countries.

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