What Is Your Vision for the New South Sudan?

South Sudan - A Nation in Turmoil
South Sudan - A Nation in Turmoil

There is great frustration with the direction in which South Sudan is heading. In this opinion, extracted from a comment on our website, Dr Jembi asks if we South Sudanese can pull back from disaster.

Dr. Henry Jembi

There was a vision, when brothers and sisters were together as one family eating from the same plate, drinking from the same pot, sitting around the same firewood to warm themselves and tell stories of the past, protecting one another from the same common enemy who had every kind of guns and logistics to provide his soldiers with their needs at any time and at any place.

There was a vision, there was a will and there were sons and daughters of South Sudan leading and heading towards our ultimate political destination.

Unfortunately, something catastrophic has occurred in the minds and hearts of those sons and daughters of South Sudan. It has altered the excellent vision which was agreed upon unanimously by the first comrades. That outstanding vision was meant to end our long era of suffering, our long era of slavery, our long era of oppression, our long era of being undermined, our long era of degradation, our long era of second class citizenship status, our long era of marginalization and the underdevelopment of our region.

However, with the new vision, another era of self-destruction, self-demolition, self-sabotage, self-devaluation, self-demobilization, self-focus, selfishness, self-development, self-thinking and self-feedback has started in South Sudan. Individuals and communities are focused solely on their interests and don’t mind or care about others.

And here comes the problem and the disaster in South Sudan, whereby the Nuer sons and daughters are being killed, the Dinka sons and daughters are being killed, the Shilluk sons and daughters are being killed, the Fertit sons and daughters are being killed, the Equatorian sons and daughters are being killed, and the rest of South Sudan’s sons and daughters are being killed.

This is the soul and the spirit of the new vision of the leaders and politicians in South Sudan. Can we come to our common sense as South Sudanese once again to end this new project of destroying ourselves by ourselves or what do you think?

Dr. Henry Jembi is a concerned South Sudanese.

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  1. This insightful piece is a precise summary of the situation of South Sudan as a nation; and especially, as a people. Most important is the people’s hearts and minds for, once lost it is incredibly difficult to regain. Attitudinal change. Well articulated!

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