Reconciliation Starts With Us, Young Artists Tell South Sudanese

#AnaTaban Street Art, Juba
#AnaTaban Street Art, Juba

By Catholic Radio Network:

Reconciliation start with individuals and goes to the community, according to a group of South Sudan young artists called Ana Taban or I am tired.

The artists gave the message to South Sudanese on Friday during their performance at Jebel Market in Juba.

The group went to roads to send the message of peace to citizens through street theatre.

Ana Taban was talking to youth and discussing with them how people start reconciliation and bring lasting peace within the nation.

The group holds its talks on values of solidarity, courage, citizenship, non-violence, non political alignment.

Ana Taban is expected to perform on Saturday at Konyo-Konyo market and Munuki on Sunday.

This article was republished courtesy of The Catholic Radio Network (CRN). The CRN News Desk provides daily, reliable, local and regional information for community-based radio stations throughout South Sudan.

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