Oxfam Leads Clean-up Campaign in Juba


By Catholic Radio Network:

More than five hundred Juba residents joined Oxfam in the launch of the “Clean up Juba” campaign last week.

A joint effort between Oxfam, UNICEF and the Juba City Council, raised awareness of responsible waste management, says Oxfam in a Statement.

Speaking at the ceremony marking the launch, Juba County Commissioner Stephen Wani Michael, said his policy is to see that basic services are delivered to the people.

He says fighting against cholera is a collective effort, starting by keeping environment and water clean.

The clean-up campaign is part of Oxfam’s cholera response and cements Oxfam’s commitment to improve environmental management in the city.

The importance of having a proper waste management system, improves public health and the environment, Oxfam believes.

“Juba is our city and we all need to work together to maintain it for the health and well being of each other,” says Kenyi Alison, Oxfam’s Public Health Team Leader.

He concludes that the clean-up campaign is the first step towards creating a clean and healthy environment to live in.

This article was republished courtesy of The Catholic Radio Network (CRN). The CRN News Desk provides daily, reliable, local and regional information for community-based radio stations throughout South Sudan.

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