One Killed, Several Others Wounded On Magwi-Torit Road Attack


By Radio Emmanuel:

Police in Torit says one person has been killed and several others wounded when armed group attacked a car on Torit Kapoeta road yesterday in Ido, an area located between Imurok and Isaloro.

Among those wounded are children admitted at Torit Civil Hospital for medication, Radio Emmanuel reports.

Eye witnesses say one child was shot dead during the attack as armed men opened fire on the truck.

The car was carrying both food items and nearly twenty passengers on board.

George Pasquale is the driver. He says a young girl was shot dead as other passengers ran in the bushes.

Jeremiah Fadiri, Police Chief Inspector in Torit says at least three casualties have been admitted at Torit State Hospital.

He believes the number could be more.

A rescue force has been sent to the scene, he adds.

Hospital authorities have confirmed that they are handling five wounded people and that a twelve year old girl has passed away.

This article was republished courtesy of The Catholic Radio Network (CRN). The CRN News Desk provides daily, reliable, local and regional information for community-based radio stations throughout South Sudan.

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