Looting Hits Yei Catholic Church

Yei River
Yei River

By Radio Easter:

Several looting of priests’ residences of Holy Family-Lainya and St Joseph -Lutaya Parishes of Yei Catholic Diocese, priests confirms.

The Residences for St Joseph Parish Priest were looted twice this month, says Pastoral Coordinator, Fr Faustino Lumori, Radio Easter reports.

Thieves on September 21 this year broke into ten rooms in the priest residence, taking all the belongings including clothes for the priests, he says.

Fr Lumori explains that the thieves used axes and machetes to break into the houses, dismantling the solar panels on the roof of the houses.

He told Christians on Sunday that it was the second looting carried out in the residences this month.

Vicar General Fr Zachariah Angutuwa Sebit says as soon as the priests left Holy Family Parish-Lainya, all their property including motor bikes and iron sheets were looted.

Soldiers uploaded into a vehicle and took away more than 500 iron sheets meant for the construction of a church building, he regrets.

The priest says he is yet to find out the situation of St Augustine Parish-Ombachi as insecurity continuous in the area.

The priests are concerned over “lack of respect for the church” and its property in the country and such acts are ‘dangerous and bad signs’.

The nation “will not have peace and freedom” if such evil deeds are now directed to the church that always stands neutral, he warns.

Last year, priests’ houses in Holy Family Parish-Lainya were burned down.

This article was republished courtesy of The Catholic Radio Network (CRN). The CRN News Desk provides daily, reliable, local and regional information for community-based radio stations throughout South Sudan.

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