Kajo Keji Health Institute Suspends Classes over Insecurity

Kajo Keji
Kajo Keji

By Radio Tamazuj:

Health authorities in Kajo Keji health institute have suspended classes after gunmen entered the premises, disrupting classes and examinations before forcing students to flee for safety.

The incident in which two students were killed after the gunmen stormed the institute is the latest in a series of events that threaten the access to and security of the facility. It also instilled fear in students, prompting a meeting with county authorities during which they complained about the incident. It was not immediately clear how the gunmen gained access to the institute which the residents and officials from the area claims has a strict no-weapons policy in its surroundings, except police.

The director of Kajo Keji Health institute explained that the meeting came out with the resolution permitting all students to return to their homes until next year January. The official said there are two groups of students who are going to do examinations, those in the first and second year, who will resume their examinations next year in January, and the other group who are those who are already in their final year.

“The institute will not be closed permanently but it will be opened early next year. Those who are finishing their finial class will sit their exams in November 2016. The overall enrollment at the National Health Institute in Kajo Keji is 208 but two were shot. Those who are finishing are 51 but 1 was among the dead,” said Lou. He appealed to the population to not discourage those willing to join the institute, saying the incident is not an end to the institute. “The incident is a general security situation in South Sudan,” said Lou.

This article is republished courtesy of Radio Tamazuj, a daily news service and current affairs broadcaster covering South Sudan, the southern states of Sudan, and the borderlands between the two countries.

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