Kagelu Community Seeks Secondary School from Teak Revenues

Yei River
Yei River

By Radio Tamazuj:

Residents in Kagelu Boma of Otogo County in the so-called Yei River State have called for the construction of a community boarding secondary school.

In 2014, residents of the area presented a petition to the then Central Equatoria State Governor Clement Wani Konga asking establishment of primary and secondary schools as well as improved medical centre and clean water sources.

The community felt that these services were due to them as their 2% benefit from the earnings of a nearby teak plantation.

Kagule area hosts one of the biggest national forest reserves that earn millions of South Sudanese pounds every month to the national government with little or no support to the local community.

Earlier, residents of the area went on strike stopping teak logging companies from accessing the forest station which eventually resulted in construction of a primary school. However, the community said they are in need of the construction of the secondary school project despite the current economic challenges.

One of the community members who spoke on condition of anonymity told Radio Tamazuj that the whole community of Otogo County lacks any secondary school which he hopes once the project is implemented it will reduce illiteracy and rural-urban migration in search for better education in the town centre.

“What we are aware of is that the then Governor for Central Equatoria state has approved a portion of forest reserve for the construction of boarding secondary school in the area to cater for the needs of the students. So with the creation of the states and counties and the political changes, if some of these projects are not followed, then it may disappear. Therefore, we are insisting that the project should continue for the benefit of the community,” said the resident.

The community has requested their county commissioner to pressure the state government to ensure implementation of their school project.

This article is republished courtesy of Radio Tamazuj, a daily news service and current affairs broadcaster covering South Sudan, the southern states of Sudan, and the borderlands between the two countries.

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