An Estimated 100,000 Civilians Trapped in Yei

Yei River
Yei River

By Catholic Radio Network:

Refugee agency or UNHCR reports that the ongoing military operations in Yei have trapped an estimated 100,000 people with no means to escape.

In a statement forwarded to CRN, UNHCR condemns the acts that caused death, fear and suffering of innocent civilians.

It warns that the situation is raising concerns for civilians’ safety.

One young woman says the soldiers are slaughtering innocent people like animals, the statement reads.

She thought wars were fought between armies, feeling hopeless in South Sudan.

Several civilians have been hacked to death, including women, children, and babies, witnesses told UNHCR.

The statement continues that many young men accused of supporting forces opposed to the government were said to have been detained.

Many others were assaulted and their property looted or burnt, it adds.

The conflict affected people need food, household items and medicines and children need to be able to go to school, UNHCR laments.

It also reports cases of unaccompanied and separated children.

Ahmed Warsame, UNHCR’s Representative in South Sudan urges the government to protect the lives of civilians and ensure freedom of movement.

He commends the local church for providing shelter and protection to people in need.

This article was republished courtesy of The Catholic Radio Network (CRN). The CRN News Desk provides daily, reliable, local and regional information for community-based radio stations throughout South Sudan.

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