Equatoria: A Weekly Digest (5 Sep – 11 Sep 2016)

Weekly Digest of Equatoria News
Weekly Digest of Equatoria News

From massive displacement in Yei to the complete shutdown of the Juba-Nimule highway to the return of Mbororo in Tombura, insecurity dominates the news agenda again this week with reports of ongoing violence across Equatoria.

Monday 5 September

Over 50 local artists formed a new union in TORIT and have elected an executive to coordinate activities in in newly created Imatong state.

Two passengers were killed and their driver reported missing following an ambush along the Juba-Nimule highway in MAGWI.

Six suspects arrested in Gumbo in response to Saturday’s fatal shooting of a police officer who was responding to a burglary in Tongping area of JUBA.

Vivacell resumes service after a week without service in YEI. Anxiety had been on the rise among residents who are unable to contact relatives and colleagues due to the prolonged shutdown of telecommunications network in the area.

Local authorities plead for an end to revenge killings against innocent civilians, following clashes between SPLA and an armed group in YEI.

Tuesday 6 September

The presence of Mbororo nomads raises concern among residents of Riiyubu Payam in TOMBURA.

Amid rising insecurity, the legislative assembly for newly created Imatong state, re-opened in TORIT with legislators calling for efficiency and institutional reforms.

A policeman fatally shot two people and injures four others in KAPOETA NORTH, with authorities claiming he was acting under the influence of alcohol.

The governor of newly created NAMURNYANG state calls on youth to stop cattle raiding from among communities and across the border in Ethiopian.

Wednesday 7 September

At least eight people died and forty others were injured when two buses collided on the notoriously dangerous Nimule-Juba road in MAGWI.

Gunmen attacked an SPLA garrison located at Amee junction close to Abara and Moli in MAGWI.

SPLA military intelligence arrested youths between the ages of 16 and 20 years in MUNDRI, alleging they are members of a criminal gang.

Unidentified gunmen attacked the house of a Member of Parliament at Nagori residential area in YAMBIO

Clashes around YEI between the SPLA and armed resistance forces continues to cause disruption for local residents:

  • Teachers in Yei disclose that only a few primary and secondary school students have returned to studies following reopening of schools on Monday for third term;
  • Spirit FM, one of the few functioning Radio stations in Yei, has gone off air; and
  • Yei Electric Power Utility has shut down its operations in the area due to lack of fuel.

Local authorities have ordered government forces in YEI to adopt a shoot to kill approach to robbers found breaking into shops

Meanwhile, local civil servants in the former YEI municipality expressed concern over looming redundancies following last month’s dissolution of the municipality.

Thursday 8 September

Civil society activists who met with members of the UN Security Council in JUBA faced threats and harassment.

3 children were killed and another injured when police shot at their home in KAPOETA NORTH.

Four Ugandan nationals, travelling in the ‘Friendship’ bus that was attacked along the Juba-Nimule road in MAGWI, are reported missing by Uganda Police.

A local World Vision International staff member was shot dead together with his wife and two children by unidentified gunmen at Kpirabe residential area in YAMBIO. Five persons have been arrested and a local Arrow Boys leader, affiliated with the government, has disclosed that his associates were responsible for the killing.

The recent shootings in YAMBIO have prompted the acting Governor of newly created Gbudwe state to issue an order authorizing citizens and security forces to shoot to kill criminals found committing a crimes in the area.

Friday 9 September

Investigators sent by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, have arrived in JUBA to look into July’s Terrain Hotel attack.

Central government is trying to acquire loans from investors to complete construction of the terminal at JUBA International Airport.

Several persons have been killed and many others injured in attacks along the Juba-Nimule road in MAGWI, which shut down the main route between Uganda and South Sudan:

Three health facilities, in newly created Imotong and Namurunyang states, have temporarily closed down due to lack of funding

Gunshots were reported in the morning around UN House and checkpoints along Juba-YEI road.

Meanwhile, the UN Refugee Agency reports it has been unable to deliver drugs to the health centre in LASU due to insecurity in Yei-Lasu road.

Saturday 10 September

Civilians who fled violence in EZO, recently started to trickle back to their homes amid insecurity in the area that has “paralyzed food production”.

YEI airstrip has become a de-facto camp for displaced persons as civilians flee the area following a spike in violence.

Sunday 11 September

Dozens of civilians were rounded up by SPLA soldiers in MAGWI, and are detained without charge in Nimule SPLA army barracks.

Local authorities in newly created TEREKEKA state have issued an order requiring all Mundari cattle keepers to return to the state immediately.

Equity Bank in YEI has reduced its working days from six to two after a lack of customers in the area, leaving other clients frustrated over poor customer service.

News items credited to the following media houses: Radio Tamazuj, Sudan Tribune, CRN, Eye Radio, and South Sudan Liberty. Links to their articles are provided throughout.

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