Equatoria: A Weekly Digest (15 Feb – 21 Feb 2016)

Weekly Digest of Equatoria News
Weekly Digest of Equatoria News

Insecurity continues to dominate the news. But, from reports of a leopard terrorising locals in Nimule to unexplained cases of diarrhoea, vomiting & nausea among children in Kajo-Keji – there is much to report from Equatoria.


General News

In Tombura:

A wildfire has claimed the lives of a woman & her 4 children. The fire was deliberately started to clear bushes from a nearby garden, but quickly got out of control, overwhelming the family.

In Yei:

Yei Electric Cooperative (YECO) has warned residents about the health & safety dangers of bad electrical wiring in their homes. They have urged residents to ensure that they test any new wiring before paying the people who installed them so as to ensure they are not hazardous.

A house fire has ended in tragedy as the bodies of a man and women were discovered in the property. The reason for the fire is unknown.

In a shocking development, a 30 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of the sexual assault of a 2 year old girl. Thankfully, doctors report that the infant has not sustained heavy damaged from the assault.



In the Region:

State officials in Equatoria have reported further delays in payment of their salaries, with authorities blaming the delay on administrative challenges due to implementation of the 28 states executive order.

In Juba:

South Sudan’s National Security Service have denied a request by the family of Joseph Bakosoro to visit the former governor as he nears a third month of detention without charge.

The Union of Journalist of South Sudan have concluded a training session for its members that aims to improve their capability to more effectively monitor press freedom in the country.

The Journalist Afandy Joseph has been released by South Sudan’s National Security Service after nearly 2 months in detention without charge. This follows a campaign by civil rights group Amnesty International to secure his release.

In the Nation:

Military Security Advisor to the Joint Monitoring & Evaluation Commission (JMEC), Bill Harmon, has confirmed that JMEC will not recognize the 28 states because they are not stipulated in the peace agreement.

The government has unilateraly established a Petroleum Authority ahead of formation of transitional government of national unity.



In Nzara:

Health workers are reporting that high insecurity in the county is preventing patients from attending leprosy treatment centres.

In Kajo-Keji:

Residents in the county are alarmed by an unexplained increase in cases of diarrhoea, vomiting & nausea among children under five years of age.

In Yei:

Yei Civil Hospital Medical Director, Yusto Micah Sawaka, has praised locals for a significant reduction in the number of cases of severe malaria in the area. He believes that higher awareness among residents has resulted in them seeking medical attention earlier when the malaria is easier to treat.



In Torit:

A three day strike by Kenya Central Bank staff has forced traders in Torit to close their shops, with some reporting that their customers are running out of money.

In Yambio:

The Boda Boda Association in Yambio has warned that the steep rise in fuel prices (up from 12 SSP to 34 SSP) as well as high license costs is making business difficult in the county.

Yambio’s County commissioner, Hussein Enoka, has recently visited Yambio market to assess the locations of traders’ stalls following complaints that too many are encroaching onto roads & paths. He has vowed to re-organise the market to ensure roads are kept clear.

In the Nation:

The government has threatened to cancel the licenses of traders who refuse to lower prices. In an attempt to curb inflation, government has cut charges for business in the hope that traders would pass these savings onto customers. But traders have been slow to cut their prices, with some blaming poor communication from relevant authorities.


Cattle Watch!

In the Region:

South Sudan’s Ambassador to the UN has told the UN Security Council that global climate change is to blame for the continued migration of cattle herders into Equatoria.

In Mvolo:

It has been reported that non-Equatorian cattle keepers are allegedly occupying an area by the Nam River near to Mvolo town.

In Kajo-Keji:

Cattle herders pushed out of Lobonok payam have reportedly moved southwards to Buka area of Kajo-Keji instead of returning to Jonglei as ordered.

In Yei:

A senior official in Yei has issued a security warning and has warned cattle herders heading in the direction to keep away from the county.



In Juba:

A national transport ministry official, Gabriel Makur, has raised the prospect of a tarmac road linking Juba & Nadapal, claiming construction could begin this year. But he also went on to admit that financing for the project has not yet secured.

Officials have declared that the runway at Juba International Airport has now been extended by 700 meters following works started last year.



In Ikwoto:

32 youth in Ikwoto who had taken to bush following clashes with government forces have returned following successful reconciliation talks mediated by local authorities and leaders.

In Juba:

The armed opposition group, SPLM/IO, has finally begun re-deploying troops to Juba as stipulated in the peace agreement, with JMEC providing transportation. Around 2000 military and police personal are expected.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, is set to visit the United Nation’s Protection of Civilians site in Juba next week, in what will be his first visit to the country in almost 2 years.

In Mundri:

The armed opposition report that they have been forced to retreat from their base in Medewu in Mundri West as a consequence of a dry season offensive by government forces in contravension of the cessation of hostilities provision in the peace agreement.

In a briefing to the United Nations Security Council, an UNMISS representative has revealed that the mission is planning on deploying troops on long-duration patrols in Mundri as well as opening up temporary operating bases in the area.

In Nagero:

Local authorities in Nagero have beefed up security in the area after a policeman was gunned down and his house set on fire in what is suspected to have been a targeted attack.

The unrest in Nagero continues as 2 people are gunned down and several others wounded in a late night shooting in the county. A local civil servant was among the dead.

In Magwi:

A leopard is reported to have strayed out of Nimule National Game Park and attacked locals, injuring three people at a nearby primary school.

In Yambio:

A Women’s group in Yambio has called for a ceasefire in the county and urged the government to sign a peace deal with the local civil defence force, commonly known as Arrow Boys.

Government forces have released three youth who were detained by the SPLA on suspicion of belonging to the local civil defence force known as Arrow Boys.

In a briefing to the United Nations Security Council, an UNMISS representative has confirmed the deployment of a Company to Yambio to strengthen UNMISS presence in Western Equatoria.

In Yei:

The bodies of two Rwandan nationals, killed in an apparent roadside ambush, have been recovered from the Maridi State Road.


Sports, Entertainment & Arts

In Juba:

Al Ghazala skipper, George Francis Borodumoyo, is confident that his team will outplay Zambia’s Zesco in the upcoming CAF game in Juba

Japan has pledged 90,000 USD for athletics equipment and much needed maintenance works at Buluk Athletics Field in Juba

In Magwi:

Nimule Football Association is making preparations to open a youth league so as to nurture and develop the skills of talented children in the town.



In Australia:

The Equatoria Leadership Group in Australia, which is composed of the chairpersons of Equatorian groups from each of the States in Australia, has resolved to setup a national Equatoria body which will be called the Federation of Equatoria Community Association in Australia (FECAA).



It was previously reported that a leopard had attacked locals in Pageri. A reader has advised the editor that the attack actually occurred in Nimule area. The headline has been corrected.

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