Demolition of Lodges Linked to Prostitution starts in Yei

Yei River
Yei River

Owners of lodges and hotels in Yei River, accused of encouraging prostitution in the municipality, face financial ruin as authorities start demolition in Jigomoni district and vow to continue until the entire town is cleared.

Following successful lobbying by women activists, authorities in Yei have started to shut down controversial ‘lodges’ and hotels allegedly used as brothels. These brothels are accused of contributing to the high level of girls dropping out of local schools.

Demolition began with Anika lodge, which was situated near the grounds of Jigomoni Primary school. The owner will not receive compensation from the municipal authorities.

Yei town Mayor, Cosmas Bidali Wori-Kojo, has vowed to continue demolishing lodges and hotels throughout the municipality. This has been welcomed by residents.

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