Closure of Nation Mirror Threat to Freedom of Expression, Says AMDISS


By Catholic Radio Network:

The Association of Media Development in South Sudan has strongly condemned the closure of Nation Mirror English daily newspaper by the national security.

In a press release extended to Voice of Hope on Thursday, AMDISS warns that the closure of the newspaper is a serious threat to freedom of expression and the press.

It is clear sign of intimidation to scare the media fraternity from doing its work in South Sudan, AMDISS expressed.

The Association appeals to the concerned authorities to end the interference and create conducive environment for the media to play its role as a watchdog.

AMDISS also calls for unconditional reopening and use of dialogue to resolve any issue that might have led to the shutdown.

Security should leave all matters related to media to the Media Authority to handle, AMDISS informs.

On Wednesday, the manager of the Nation Mirror newspaper was summoned by South Sudan national Security Service in Juba, to cease publication with immediate effect.

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