Bright Moonlight Reduced Nightly Brutalities in Yei Say Residents

Yei River
Yei River

By Radio Tamazuj:

Citizens in Yei River County in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria State said moonlight has reduced night time crimes as the area witnesses power cuts these days, while praising God for the gift.

Yei’s power plant stopped working due to fuel shortages after the closure of roads to either Juba or Uganda over insecurity. The area has recently witnessed a wave of brutal killings.

A local resident called Esther told Radio Tamazuj that bright moonlight helps at night walks and scares away thieves and killers from attacking people and looting properties. She pointed out that her family and neighbours normally have a full night’s sleep without any fear these days.

“We really need to thank God for providing moonlight throughout the nights for free. I want to tell you that if you come to Yei town now, it is very bright and clear throughout the night,” said Esther.

“The rate of stealing and night crimes like killings is now declining, so we thank God for the free light,” she added.

Meanwhile, another resident called Mabior urged the people of Yei area to live in peace so as to enjoy their abundant natural resources.

This article is republished courtesy of Radio Tamazuj, a daily news service and current affairs broadcaster covering South Sudan, the southern states of Sudan, and the borderlands between the two countries.

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