Equatoria Online was launched in 2015 by the Equatoria Community in the United Kingdom (ECO-UK) in response to the lack of credible information about Equatoria. This website is intended to provide its members, as well as any interested Equatorians in the homeland and the wider Diaspora, with impartial news, analysis and opinion pieces focusing on Equatoria.

The website is non-commercial and is run for and by the community.

Our Mission Statement

Equatoria Online aims to provide our readers with up to the minute, credible and in depth news and analysis on the current affairs of Equatoria in particular and South Sudan in general.

Our Guiding Principles

Equatoria Online upholds and defends the principle of media freedom, the right of freedom of expression and the right of the public to be informed. We are committed to ensuring that the voice of Equatorians, as key stakeholders in South Sudan, is respected in development, peace-making and nation building activities conducted in their name and on their behalf. To that end, Equatoria Online will draw on expert opinion to educate Equatorians and other South Sudanese about the rights of citizens and the duties and responsibilities of national, state and local government.

Equatoria Online is intended to serve as a platform for constructive debate regarding the challenges facing Equatoria. We will tackle contentious and controversial issues head on, and will provide balanced, well thought out reaction and analysis. We will ensure that the content provided remains credible and relevant to our readers and will be responsive to their complaints and suggestions for improvement. We encourages our readers to keep this website alive by sharing their views and contributing to discussions on this site.

Equatoria Online in no way condones or promotes racism or incitement to ethnic hatred. Moderation will strictly enforce this policy. Readers are encouraged to report any comments they believe are unacceptable.

Equatoria Online is proud to serve YOU.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Radio Tamazuj and the Catholic Radio Network for granting us permission to republish news articles relating to Equatoria. Both media houses are well known for their professionalism and impartiality and, for many years, have been key to keeping South Sudanese informed on developments in the homeland.

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  1. I am very proud to see that our solidarity as one body that will eventually build a stronger lovely nation. I can that is the beginning of our era. Long live Equatoria and long live EQ in diaspora

  2. What is your vision for the New South Sudan?
    There was a vision when brothers and sisters were together as one family eating from the same plate, drinking from the same pot, sitting around the same firewood to warm themselves and tell stories of the past, protecting one another from the same common enemy who had every kind of guns and logistics to provide his soldiers with their needs at any time and at any place.
    There was a vision, there was a will and there were sons and daughters of South Sudan leading and heading towards our ultimate political destination.
    Unfortunately, something catastrophically occurred in the minds and hearts of those sons and daughters of South Sudan and altered that excellent vision which was agreed upon unanimously by the first comrades, that outstanding vision was meant to end our long era of suffering, our long era of slavery, our long era of oppression, our long era of undermining, our long era of degradation, our long era of second class citizenship status, our long era of marginalization and underdeveloped region. However, with the new vision now, another era of self-destruction, self-demolition, self-sabotage, self-devolution, self-demobilization, self-focus, self-selfish, self-development, self-thinking and self-feedback has started in South Sudan where individual social and communal social group are focusing solely on its interest and doesn’t mind and care about others. And here comes the problem and the disaster in South Sudan whereby the Nuer sons and daughters are being killed, the Dinka sons and daughters are being killed, the Shiluk sons and daughters are being killed, the Fertet sons and daughters are being killed, the Equatorians sons and daughters are being killed and the rest of southern sons and daughters are being killed. This is the soul and the spirit of the new vision of the leaders and politicians in South Sudan. Can we come to our common sense as South Sudanese once again to end this new project of destroying ourselves by ourselves or what do you think?

  3. It’s absolutely nice to read the inside of Equatorian issues. Keep up the work of giving out news, opinions and analysis. I think its important to give detailed background of this online site – when was it launched? etc.

    • Thank you for your encouragement and for your suggestions. We have updated this page to provide the details you requested.

  4. No Peace in Equatoria:

    Peace means calmness, tranquility, and state of no war in the region or country. These days there is no peace, no calamity, and no tranquility in Equatoria. Equatoria is burning and blasting due to undesirable policies in South Sudan, frankly speaking, it has been so since 2005 through until 2016. Killings have become our friends, looting has become our daily talks, fear has become our inner personalities, stealing has become our economic and social issue and hunger has become our concern. Yet, Equatorians are persisting, persevering and enduring all those aspects patiently, but it is high time to wake up and to bring an end to all those negatives and strange behaviors of the leadership at home. If there is no peace, it means that your sons and daughters will continue to experience all sort of sarcastic behaviors, as such we need to question ourselves and find accurate answers: Why there is no peace in Juba, Yei,Yambio, Torit and Equatoria in general? Why should your sons and daughters live in fear and absent peace? Why do you abandon God free gift of peace? Why do your sons and daughters have been killed, looted and intimidated by your own countrymen? What have you done so that they mistreat you like that? What has gone wrong in your family and community? Surely, you might have abandoned your very culture, heritage, identity and God as well. I know, you are now crying due to what is taking place in your own village and hometown, but no way you have to endure the suffering and agony patiently for the sake of peace and coming peace. Peace will come home again, and when it comes, you ought to be vigilant and firm to stay awake and at home united with clear vision and goal and objectives to lead the Equatorians flock achieve their hope, desire, dream, and aspiration. Lack of sound leaders and solid politicians matter in Equatoria.

  5. If conditional politics and leadership in South Sudan:

    If Politicians and leaders in South Sudan could come to full understanding of the essence politics and leadership, this could be an era of change and transformation in South Sudan, but if they still sticking to militant political notion and militant leaderships notion, then the change and transformation are still far remote in from us in South Sudan. Definitely, the result would be the innocent people will continue to experience harassment, looting of properties, killing, raping of women and more genocide against other ethnicities for the sake of maintaining the power and enjoying the well-fair of the State. If black is beauty, therefore black politics and leadership should be beautiful too, black leadership should be beautiful as well. South Sudanese politicians should be extraordinary in their political deliberations, but what we see is connected to absurdities, trivial leadership, illogical understanding of the core issues and apart from trend self-expression. Therefore, Politics in South Sudan has fallen victim of the past era, which is all about living by the seat of the pants, agreements are disrespected, promises are broken, wars are the priorities, and wearing the uniform is faddish, the greatest and noblest trendy.

  6. Understanding Politics:
    Politics is a good business and profession if the politicians understand it, and if those who called themselves leaders understand it, and if those do politics understand it, and if those who don’t do it understand it, and if others who neither concern about it nor even aware of it. Politics has many aspects and concepts, and it differs from a country to a country, from a continent to a continent, from people to people, the civilized people understand politics differently from uncivilized ones. Politics also related to culture, some cultures embraced it timidly, while others deal with it spitefulness, politics as a science has nothing to do with race issues, discrimination agendas, and any others human negative thoughts. Politics itself is not a bad business and profession, but it has become so as a result of human wickedness, weakness and greedy. Professionally, it not a means for gaining self-gain and interest, but communal service and care. Those think that it’s a means of self-interest don’t really understand it fully, but they still at the mountain bottommost politically. To be a leader and a politician in South Sudan, you need to climb the mountain and reach at the top of it so that you can be able to take the lead. Leading doesn’t mean sitting in the office and enjoying the welfares, but caring after the people that you are representing. Fail to do that, don’t call this politics and leadership, its corruption and more than that…immorality doesn’t agree with morality regarding whatsoever.
    Positive Politics vs Negative Politics:
    Politics can be both positive (good) and negative (bad) at the same time, depending on the programs set by the political groups, knowing that each political group has its own vision, mission, and objectives. Yet some of these elements are just set down, but in reality, they don’t work so at this stage, politics tends to produce nothing good and quality to the people. Surely, this can lead to corruption and where there is corruption, politics doesn’t work at all, when politics doesn’t work, grouping submerge, and when grouping submerge, fighting and war can break out at any time, and when they break out, negativities prevail, so who is to be blame, politics or politicians or the people? South Sudan, needs new leaders who can cling to positive policies instead of negative ones, at the same time, they can also acculturate the negative polices which in most cases pulling us back toward inequities and immoralities.

  7. Politics and Liberation is a picture of the same coin:
    First, it is politics that can start the move forward to claim the rights and freedom of the people by using the political means, but when it fails then people resorted to liberation or arm struggle. In South Sudan, it was politics that failed to address the core issues in the whole Sudan since 1956, whereby during those days, things are done according, in the favor and interest of the North. Anything related and connected to the South is abrogated and nullified intentionally, and that was one of the main causes of the problem in the whole Sudan.
    Secondly, nonetheless, politics in South Sudan had undergone a period of anarchy as a result of many challenges, which faced southern politicians variously and hindered their way forward. At last, they resorted to army struggled for the second time as the first one didn’t meet their aspirations and dreams. What is happening now in Juba, Malakal, Wau and everywhere in the South is the result of the disorder, the disunity, and disorganization that occurred during the bush time till now. The aspects will continue to ruin the efforts of southern Sudanese for ages to come due to the same motivations and reasons. South Sudan will not be a good place to live and stay because of the disorder, the disunity and lack of system in the whole structure of the State, where things are done upside down or tribal-focused and where there is a tribal engrossed, thing always fall apart. So, South Sudan is a country where things fall apart desperately, therefore, who wills relief us from total collapse? Who will come to our aid to raise us again?

  8. Good politics can relief South Sudan from its tedious dilemma of tribalism, nepotism, sectarianism, and favoritism, which have nothing to do with liberation and struggle. Good politics can be carried out by good politicians and leaders and vice versa.
    We need good politics in South Sudan so as to faster the velocity of development and human progress in the country instead of stagnant velocity. 50 years of struggle is quite enough period to know and understand politics, economic and defense strategies.
    The contrary practices in the name of politics are illegal, elusive and corruption at the expense of the innocents people of South Sudan. No proper schools is a crime against education, no hospitals is a crime against healthcare, no peace is a crime against humanity and God who created human beings to enjoy calamity and tranquility.
    Wrong politics has changed the intention of the creator by introducing new images and depicting imaginary thoughts. Politics as a science is good and excellent, but as a philosophy and practices, it has turn into an issue of conflict and disagreement between brothers and sisters or one family or community.
    Who should be blamed in your opinion? My father never told me, your mother never told you, who is suppose to tell me the truth?

  9. LUBARI HURIA LUPAI | October 29, 2016 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    We will always live to stand together despite of the critical conditions in the country, May God grand you blessings without measurement for the great job done to us

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