65 Armed Youth in Amadi State Abandon Armed Struggle

Mundri West
Mundri West

By Radio Tamazuj:

At least 65 armed youth from Amadi state in Western Equatoria region have decided to lay down their weapons, raising hopes that such a move would reduce hostile activities in the area.

Amadi state Joseph Ngere confirmed the new development and expressing the willingness of his administration to welcoming of the group. He said the government is happy with the decision the army youths have taken and extended thanks and appreciation to the governor of Maridi state for hospitality he has allegedly demonstrated to the people of South Sudan especial the boys from Amadi

Amadi state Anna tuna Richard Acting minister of information Anna tuna Richard also echoed readiness of the government to welcome back the youths who have abandoned armed struggle and return home.

Minister Tuna urged all the citizens of South Sudan to stop pointing fingers at the returning boys saying pointing at them will not bring peace in the republic of south Sudan and Amadi state.

The circumstances under which the group decided to abandon armed struggle as a means to drawing attention to issues behind the cause of rebellion remain unclear. It was also not immediately clear who was the commanding officer. Multiple sources have provided conflicting information. Government officials in the area claimed the youth have voluntary decided to abandon the struggle in respond to the calls by the religious and prominent community leaders. Observers attribute the cause to challenges with which the movement under the former vice president, Riek Machar is grappling to address.

Amadi and Maridi are the new states after the division of Western Equatoria into three states, when president Salva Kiir issued a controversial establishment order, abolishing the 10 states and increased the number to 28 states in violation of the constitution and the peace agreement, which he signed with armed and non-armed opposition groups to end more than two year conflict in the country.

This article is republished courtesy of Radio Tamazuj, a daily news service and current affairs broadcaster covering South Sudan, the southern states of Sudan, and the borderlands between the two countries.

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