Fresh Killing Reported on Juba to Nimule Highway


Insecurity continues to plague the strategic Juba to Nimule highway as two vehicles are attacked in as many days, resulting in the death of 8 civilians. No group has claimed responsibility for the deadly attacks.

Insecurity along the Juba to Nimule highway continues as a deadly roadside ambush near Aru junction claimed the lives of seven civilians and injured a further seven.

Local police believe this is not an act of banditry as no attempt was made to loot the vehicle. According to the police officers who transported the bodies to Juba, the “gunmen sprayed the car with bullets and fled to the bush”.

No group has claimed responsibility, although survivors noted that the attackers were well armed and organised.  The ambush follows on from the killing of a Somali fuel tanker driver on the same stretch of road a day earlier.

The continued insecurity is indicative of the military build-up in Magwi. The area is both a stronghold for SPLM-IO in Equatoria and a strategic lifeline for the government in Juba, which is totally dependent on imports from Uganda. The government’s failure to acknowledge the presence of SPLM-IO forces in Equatoria has exasperated the situation.

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