Deadly Inter-Communal Violence in Budi


In what has been a tragic week, 39 men, women and children have lost their lives and a further 11 remain seriously injured as inter-communal violence between Taposa and Didinga tribesmen wreaks havoc in Naura.

Deadly clashes have erupted between Toposa and Didinga communities in the Naura area. Local authorities confirmed that 26 persons were killed and four injured in the violence. Houses were also set on fire.

According to Daniel Narui Lochiek, Budi County Commissioner, this round of violence was initiated by members of the Toposa community in retaliation for the alleged abduction of 18 children and unspecified number of cattle by members of the Didinga community in the area.

The fighting follows on the heels of inter-communal violence earlier in the week in which 13 persons were killed and seven reported injured.

In an attempt to stem the violence, a committee has been setup by state officials to organise a peace conference between the two communities.

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