Deputy Governor Resigns Post Claiming Mismanagement in Terekeka


The Deputy Governor joins the Information Minister in resigning from the controversially created Terekeka State government. In an open resignation letter, the former state official slams the appointed Governor for his poor leadership and management skills.

The Deputy Governor of the controversially created Terekeka State, Clement Maring, has resigned his post, citing an inability to work with the appointed governor, Juma Ali Malou.

The former Deputy Governor published a scathing open resignation letter, in which he claimed to have been repeatedly threatened and publicly humiliated by a paranoid governor.

This follows on the heels of the resignation of the Information Minister, Modi Lomindi, who raised concerns about alledged corruption and nepotism openly practiced by Malou’s administration.

In a move, which many claim undermines local democracy and accountability in South Sudan, Salva Kiir’s administration has replaced elected governorships with loyal appointees, handpicked by the Presidency.

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