Uganda Deports Refugees Despite Insecurity in Kajo-Keji

Kajo Keji
Kajo Keji

A group of refugees from Kajo-Keji, who fled an outbreak of violence by a government affiliated militia, are forcibly deported by Ugandan authorities, even though South Sudanese border officials have confirmed heightened levels of insecurity.

Ugandan authorities have forcibly deported refugees, seeking sanctuary in Moyo District, back to Jalimo Boma in Kajo-Keji.

The refugees had fled an outbreak of violence allegedly orchestrated by a militia affiliated with the government of South Sudan.

The Ugandan authorities have, for their part, denied these allegations and branded them as rumour mongering.

The refugees were recieved by Capt William Zaza, Chief Immigration Officer at Jale border post, who conceded that “there is a lot of insecurity”

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