Striking Health Workers Cause Crisis in Mvolo


Mvolo county commissioner voices concerns about a growing crisis in health service provision in his area due to a health workers’ strike and the shortage of drugs. Health workers are demanding a switch to USD.

Mvolo Commissioner, Denis Abdalla, has raised concerns over the collapse in health service provision for residents due to an ongoing strike by health workers’ in the county.

Health services in Mvolo are provided by a foreign NGO. The health workers are refusing to return to their clinics until the NGO stops paying them in South Sudan Pounds and starts paying them in US dollars.

Following the poorly implemented conversion from a fixed to a floating currency earlier in the year, the depreciation in the value of the South Sudan Pound has badly affected households throughout the nation. This makes a switch to stable US dollars attractive to workers in Mvolo.

The commissioner also raised concerns about the lack of drugs in health centres and clinics, citing a sharp increase in malaria cases among children.

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